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Mianyang Broken the Industrial Border to Upgrade the Integration of Culture and Tourism

2019-05-31 15:35
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We adhere to the principle of "Integrating if it is suitable for the integration. Integrating all if it can be integrated. Promoting tourism by culture and highlighting culture by tourism", optimize the top-level design of cultural and tourism integration, break the original industrial boundary of culture and tourism, promote the coexistence of "poetry" and "distant" and speed up the transformation and upgrading of "culture +" and "tourism +" to "cultural tourism +".

1. Promote a new form of integration of culture and tourism. We invite experts and scholars of cultural tourism along Chengdu, Deyang, Mianyang working as a group, to investigate the 14 4A-level scenic spots, to conduct in-depth survey, excavation and sort out of the city's key cultural and tourism resources, enrich the cultural connotation of tourist attractions, innovate and launch cultural tourism routes such as research, root-seeking and non-heritage experience, and take the lead in establishing Mianyang's research tourism brand, winning the title of "China's research tourism destination". Mianyang has become the first 10 cities in China and the only one in Sichuan province, forming a new growth pole of cultural tourism industry.

2. Expand new services of integration of culture and tourism. We have expanded the comprehensive utilization benefits of public cultural service facilities, including 11 museums (memorials), 10 cultural museums, 10 public libraries and 27 non-genetic learning sites (bases) in the city. We have promoted the organic integration of 74 key cultural relics protection units above the provincial level and more than 80 special non-heritage projects into the tourism industry, and regularly carried out activities such as "cultural heritage into scenic spots" and "non-heritage into scenic spots". In 2018, more than 100 special tourism festivals and cultural activities were launched for tourists. The utilization rate of public cultural facilities in the city increased by 31.2%, and the number of visitors participating in cultural interaction increased by 37.7%.

3. Introduce new products of integration of culture and tourism. The global tourism network system has basically formed. Beichuan has successfully established a national Qiang cultural and ecological protection zone, and won the first batch of 10 "Tianfu Tourism Counties" in Sichuan. Lijiang Town in Santai County has been selected as the seventh batch of famous historical and cultural towns in China. Qinglian Town in Jiangyou City has been appraised as the first batch of 20 characteristic cultural tourism towns in Sichuan. More than 30 cultural and creative tourism destinations such as Chenxiang Post Station Cultural and Tourism Industrial Park and 126 Cultural and Creative Industrial Parks have been added; Xiaoba Town, Anzhou District, has established AAA-level scenic spot of "Zao Pi Corridor Butterfly Valley"( Many butterflies are living in the valley and a famous corridor is decorated with jujube.). It has 12 enterprises, 10 boutique residential houses and 2 villages, which have been appraised as provincial tourism poverty alleviation demonstration villages. It receives 2.1 million tourists annually, realizes the tourism income of 250 million Yuan, and realizes the upgrading of rural tourism.

4. Create a new stage for the integration of culture and tourism. Let culture speak “tourism” well and let tourism express "culture" well. The "Mianzhou Grand Stage-The Season of Benefiting the People's by Performing" has produced more than 120 performances of cultural tourism benefiting the people annually, and more than 30 local original works of art such as TV drama "Li Bai", Sichuan opera "Shijiu Taibai", poem and dance drama "The Return of Li Bai" and large-scale drama "National Soul" have been put on stage. Wenchang Cultural Exchange Activities across the Taiwan Straits in Zitong County and Yanting County's Yuzu Cultural Exchange Activities have been listed by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council as the key items of cultural exchange with Taiwan, attracting many tourists at home and abroad.
5. Expand the new market of integration of culture and tourism. Promoting culture "go out" and tourism "come in", we have carried out the cultural communication and tourism promotion at home and abroad, and organized groups to Chongqing, Xi'an, Shenzhen and other places to participate in cultural tourism project promotion activities. We have successfully introduced cultural tourism projects with a total investment of nearly 10 billion Yuan, such as the Cathaysian History, Culture, Science and Technology Industrial Park, and have signed tens of billion Yuan of cultural and tourism investment projects with the cities of Nagasaki, Japan and Fakenburg, the Netherlands. In 2018, our city received 638.425 million tourists, and realized 64.766 billion Yuan in total tourism revenue. Both the number of tourists and tourism revenue increased by more than 20%.
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