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Various Activities to Enjoy Visiting Mianyang on “May Day” Holiday

2019-05-10 15:11
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Mianyang: Distinctive and Appealing

arious activities in enjoying visiting Mianyang on Holiday

 Travel! Boating on the lake

On May 2, , tourists took boats to visit the lake scenery on Xianhai lake. This is the Xianhai water conservancy scenic spot. (photo by reporter Wu Chengguang)

Look! literary and artistic style

On May 2, in “Wenchang Impression” Street in Zitong Campus of Sichuan University of Culture and Art, the large-scale melodrama performance of "Zitong Impression" of "Legend of Shu Road" series attracted tourists' attention. (photo by Tian Mingxia, omnimedia reporter of Mianyang daily)
The extended version of the "May Day" holiday has stimulated the enthusiasm of the general public for traveling, and also spawned more diversified tourism options. With the continuous upgrading of "cultural tourism +" product system, the inheritance of the revolutionary spirit, scientific and technological content and environmental elements are continuously injecting new new power into the all-for-one tourism. With a closer combination of culture and tourism consumption, citizens and tourists will have a more pleasant and rewarding experience in this holiday season.

Highlight activities and integrate culture and tourism

In order to enrich the masses' travel options during the May Day holiday, Mianyang  seized the new opportunities for the integrated development of culture and tourism, highlighted the positioning of all-for-one tourism, boutique tourism and vacation tourism, and launched a number of cultural tourism activities featuring participation, appreciation and entertainment.

 Series of cultural tourism activities is becoming the new favorite of many citizens and tourists, for example, visits to Zikuta tower in Yanting, ancestor worship in Leizu tomb, visits to cultural relics town in Santai, calligraphy association works exhibition in JInagyou, a series of activities of inheriting traditional Chinese culture in fairy tale town in Youxian, cultural and creative works exhibition, painting and calligraphy exhibition, and intangible cultural heritage sculpture exhibition in Wenchang school in literature and art town in Zitong, the large-scale melodrama performance of "impression Zitong" , helicopter flight experiencing programs in Beichuan and so on.
On May 2, in “Wenchang Impression” Street in Zitong Campus of Sichuan University of Culture and Art, the large-scale melodrama performance of "impression Zitong" of "legend of Shu road" series attracted tourists' attention. (photo by Tian Mingxia, omnimedia reporter of Mianyang daily)

Return to natural and share ecological welfare

 The "picking + parent-child" short-term tour, such as mulberry picking and the cherry and mandarin orange picking, was highly sought after. Boutique homestays, such as Feishuianyi, Hemingbieyuan and Sanhe care mountain villa in Mount Qianfo were very popular. And tourists came in an endless stream in these scenic spots such as Taiyi xianshan botanical garden and Yuanxiang international vanilla garden.
Reporters learned that the rural experience tour, urban leisure tour were favored by more and more citizens and tourists, and among them, the suburban tourism, the countryside tour, the family tour became the mainstream and the luminescent spot in this small long vacation.

Rejoice! My destiny

On May 1, in Dayu philanthropy mother farm in Beichuan Anchang town Dongsheng village, a special public welfare wedding was held for two single mothers. (photo by Li Chunmei, omnimedia reporter of Mianyang daily)

Put education into tourism and develop revolutionary traditional education tour

It is learned that, during the holiday, revolutionary traditional education tour scenic areas launched a variety of activities to put education in tourism, put education in entertainment , attracting a large number of tourists. Among them, Zitong two-bomb city "explore the true works of the two bombs?pursue the history of the powerful country", the exhibition of Xishan Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army cultural relics in Jiangyou and the one-day revolutionary traditional education tour in Qinglinkou continue to gain popularity.
In addition, in response to the extended version of the "May Day" holiday,many tourist attractions launched different forms of measures to make people convenient. Among them, there were a discount of 7.5 percent of cruise ships in Xianhai scenic area Haoyun dock, and free admission for active-duty soldiers and disabled people with relevant certificates, and half-price admission for seniors aged 60-70 was offered in the cherry blossom valley in Santai, Carnival town and other scenic areas. These measures further stimulate the enthusiasm of the public travel, achieving the continuous increase in tourist volume of the relevant scenic spots. (Li Chunmei, omnimedia reporter of Mianyang daily)





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