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Mianyang Is Increasingly Becoming A Popular Tourist Destination

2018-11-16 09:48
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All-for-one tourism is more “attractive”

Smart tourism is more “charming”

(Mianyang News) (Reporter: Zheng Xiaoli, Li Chunmei) Recently, our reporters learned from the Municipal Tourism Development Commission that according to statistics, from January to September this year, Mianyang’s total tourism revenue registered 52.126 billion yuan, an increase of 23.36% over the previous year. This means that Mianyang is increasingly becoming the preferred tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

The quality of all-for-one tourism has been improved. With the progress of “all-for-one tourism”, Mianyang’s public service facilities have been continuously optimized, the tourism environment has continued to be improved, and Mianyang’s popularity and attractiveness have been further enhanced. On the basis of traditional package tours and sightseeing tours, Mianyang’s various travel agencies actively work on product innovations and vigorously promote new tourism forms, such as self-driving tour, cycling, barbecue, parent-child interaction, extending, and mountain climbing. Besides, major rural tourist attractions also seize the opportunity and launch the unique activities featuring rural farming and entertainment experience, including picking, harvesting, bonfire, wild fishing, grass skiing, horse riding, dam banquet, and folk song sing, which has been well-received. The related functional departments of Mianyang, such as tourism, public security, transportation, civil aviation, and railway, work together to provide security services so as to ensure a safe and orderly travel market. All scenic spots take the initiative, following the tourists-oriented principle, to further humanize the equipment and facilities. Meanwhile, they vigorously advance the “toilet revolution”, to achieve the reasonable layout of public toilets, which means the supply meets the demand; the logo is eye-catching and beautiful; and the architectural image coordinates with the surrounding environment. By the end of September, Mianyang has completed 312 tourist toilets. In addition, the scenic spots have volunteered to build parking lots together with surrounding towns, villages and households. They have unified the parking fees and implemented self-management.

Smart tourism enjoys popular support. Mianyang’s tourism departments and major scenic spots actively use Internet thinking to launch the smart tourism system in an all-round manner. While conducting the intelligent “making-up” and promotion of tourism resources and forms, we proactively advance the “face swiping” admission, smart navigation, smart toilets, integrity system and other special services in order to offer an easier and more convenient experience for visitors. From January to September this year, the number of “Mianyang Tourism” public account followers has continued to grow, reaching more than 90,000. And a special column has been opened to continuously recommend Mianyang's characteristic rural tourism destinations, as well as online hotels, attractions, food, routes and other related information for its followers. Through the smart travel system, we can realize a real-time monitoring on the number of tourists in key scenic spots, the distribution of tourists, and the traffic conditions at various intersections in scenic spots. Then, based on the real time monitoring, all localities will promptly launch a yellow warning mechanism for scenic spots where tourist flow will reach its peak. By doing so, tourists can acquire the real-time information of the scenic spots more easily and quickly so as to seize the opportunity and optimize the travel route reasonably.

“Red plus technology” tourism is particularly popular. In Mianyang, the red tourism represented by Zitong National Defense Education Base of “Two Bombs and One Satellite” and the Jiangyou Wangyoumu Memorial Hall and the technology tourism represented by the Science and Technology Museum and the Entertainment Wind Tunnel have become a unique landscape, attracting more and more tourists. All related scenic spots also take this opportunity to actively play their role of major position to carry forward patriotism and red culture. They have launched a variety of theme publicity and education activities, allowing visitors to accept red education, inherit red genes, and cultivate and practice socialist core values unconsciously. Statistics shows that, from January to September this year, only Zitong National Defense Education Base of “Two Bombs and One Satellite” and the Jiangyou Wangyoumu Memorial Hall received 869,300 and 88,500 tourists, up by 21.92% and 65.47% compared with the last year respectively.

The tourism market is well-developed. This year, Mianyang has determined the marketing theme of “setting out immediately and enjoying yourself in Mianyang”. It integrates tourism concepts into people’s lives so as to meet the diverse and multi-level tourism needs of different consumer groups. It has organized key tourism enterprises to visit the tourist markets, such as Chongqing, Xi’an, Xiamen, Jinan and Chengdu, and promoted tourism products about poetry culture, parent-child encouragement, ethnic customs, landscapes and foods. In this way, they have further consolidated the original tourist market and expanded the brand influence of “Beautiful Mianyang”. Besides “going out”, we also actively pursue the strategy of “bringing in”, carrying out a series of activities, including folklore performances, photography, and investment promotion. With the help of new media channels and platforms as well as online and offline interaction, we have established a tourism destination marketing system that combines traditional publicity channels and new media channels. Thus, we can implement all-dimensional and all-weather tourism promotion activities, explore and expand the potential tourist market so as to provide inexhaustible impetus for the healthy development of Mianyang tourism.

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