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The Groundwork for 2018 Sichuan International Cultural Tourism Festival and “Belt and Road” Li Bai Cultural Festival in Jiangyou Laid

2018-10-31 00:00
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To create a high-level international event

(Mianyang News) -- (Reporters: Jiang Xuan, Li Chunmei) Surrounding the theme “The Heavenly Sichuan ― Li Bai’s Hometown”, Jiangyou has been progressing the preparations for the 2018 Sichuan International Cultural Tourism Festival and “Belt and Road” Li Bai Cultural Festival in Jiangyou to create a high-level international event. At present, the groundwork has been basically laid.

To make the event more profound. In order to highlight the contemporary value of Li Bai culture, we have successfully invited 114 domestic and foreign experts who have a solid knowledge of Li Bai culture and the representatives of “Belt and Road” famous poets’ Hometown Federation to conduct academic discussions during the two festivals. We have also carefully planned 11 special events such as the High-end Forum on Li Bai Culture, the Culture and Tourism Promotion Conference for Sichuan and Cities along the “Belt and Road” route, the special theatrical performances held in the twin city ― Valkenburg of Dutch, and the World Exhibition for Ethnic Customs.

To expand global impact. We have actively docked with Asia-Pacific Travel Association, Asia-Pacific Tourism Organisation and other tourism organizations. We also plan to form a cooperative alliance with six world-renowned poets’ hometown literary organizations (associations) from Florence of Italy and other cities, and sign agreements with Mogol of Spanish and Navi Mumbai of India to become twin cities of each other.

To strengthen comprehensive guarantees. We will accelerate the construction of key projects such as the “Buddhism World” and its ancillary facilities, Grinding Creek and so on. So far, we have built Li Bai Culture Museum with a floor area of 3,580 square meters, redone and upgraded the landscapes of Taibai Ancestral Hall, Li Bai’s Hometown, and the Chinese Courtyard. We have also integrated the resource of such departments as the Health Commission and the Bureau of Meteorology. We have selected 73 college and university students as volunteers and 700 policemen to provide high-quality and efficient services, in a bid to comprehensively guarantee water, electricity, gas, communications, meteorology, security and medical health during the two festivals.

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