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The Evening Gala to Celebrate Jiangyou and Valkenburg Become Twin Cities of Each Other

2018-10-31 00:00
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To welcome the new friend May the friendship last forever

(Mianyang News) -- (Reporter: Guo Ruoxue) On the evening of October 25, as one of the activities for the 2018 Sichuan International Cultural Tourism Festival and “Belt and Road” Li Bai Cultural Festival in Jiangyou, the theatrical performance to celebrate Jiangyou and Valkenburg become twin cities of each other was held at Qinglian Jinzun Square. Chen Min, vice president of the Provincial People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Zhang Xuemin, member of the standing committee of the municipal party committee and minister of the Propaganda Department, attended the performance.

“Welcome to Valkenburg!” “Welcome to Valkenburg!” At the center of the stage, Valkenburg citizens, via the big screen, sent invitations to the citizens of Mianyang and Jiangyou to visit their city. The friendship has thus been deep-rooted in the people of the three cities and beautiful flowers have been in full bloom. As the stage lighting suddenly darkened, a group of pretty little dancers slowly came to the stage and the opening of the show kicked off.

“What a beautiful jasmine flower, fragrant and in full blossom...” What would be sparked when the fairy tale world Fakenburg encountered with poetic Jiangyou? The answer could be heard in the songs Der Erlkönig, which means devil, and Jasmine, sung by the soprano singer Fenner Ogradisek. While the pianist Walter Bergen Aizu’s fingers were dancing on the keys, the notes turned into beautiful melodies heard around the square. The audience were just like walking into the forest and walking across the sea of stars to the world of fairy tales.

The warm singing of the singer Lott Volda made the audience comfortable, guiding them to seek for poetry and distance in the music, and meeting the beautiful world. The wonderful magic show Human Eyes really amazed the audience and earned endless applauses... The evening gala was constantly in full swing when each show was performed with very tenderness and dedication.

The gala ended up with the dance Eternal Li Bai. As the melodious music sounded, the dancer in long skirts, which performed the great poet Li Bai, waved long sleeves and danced, immediately bringing the audience into the hometown of poetry.

It takes a long journey for us to become close friends. In 2017, Jiangyou and Valkenburg of Dutch became twin cities of each other. After many friendly exchanges and interactions, the two cities have achieved in-depth cooperation and win-win development in economy, technology, education, culture and other fields.

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