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Mianyang Received More Than 3.3 Million Visitors During the Golden Week

2018-10-22 00:00
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Rural tour, parent-child tour, self-driving tour

Wanglang Scenic Spot of Pingwu attracted floods of tourists in this autumn. (Photo by reporter Pu Tao)

(Mianyang News) (Reporter: Dai Lihua, Li Chunmei) During the Golden Week of this year, the tourism of Mianyang has showed a booming momentum. Rural tour, parent-child tour and self-driving tour have become the mainstream and the biggest highlights during the Golden Week. According to the statistics released by the Municipal Tourism Development Commission on the afternoon of October 7, Mianyang received a total of 3,314,400 tourists from October 1 to October 7, achieving a total tourism income of 1.589 billion yuan. During the entire holiday, the tourism market of Mianyang remained safe and stable, and no major complaints about tourism quality and incidents occurred.

During the Golden Week, rural tourism and boutique Bed and Breakfast (B&B) were the two top choices for many. With the in-depth implementation of the “Village Revitalization” strategy and the continuous strengthening of the integration of agriculture and tourism, the rural scenic spots and reception points of Mianyang rolled out various tourism activities with distinctive characteristics, such as tasting tea, appreciating flowers, fishing and barbecue, lectures on Chinese classics, parent-child kitchen, experience of farming, fruit and vegetable picking, and taste of farmhouse delicious food, which were warmly welcome by many local tourists and those who planned not to travel far away. In particular, boutique Bed and Breakfast (B&B) was fairly popular for its distinctive characteristics. A batch of distinctive boutique B&Bs were out of stock, such as the stores named Feather Vally of Xiaoba Town, Anzhou District, Safe Inn of Feishui Town, Muyan Mansion of Qianfo Town, Sanhe Health Care Villa, Bamboo Shadow & Cool Breeze of Huagai Town. Of which, Feather Vally and Sanhe Health Care Villa feature the combination of B&B and Chinese culture, and attracted a large number of tourists for providing a trip for souls.

Many places and scenic spots of Mianyang have been carefully prepared and rolled out interactive parent-child games and projects. During the Golden Week, the theme activities and festival promotions attracted a large number of tourists from both Mianyang and other places outside the city. They included Taiji, model airplane, tea art and fishfishing of the 2018 Xianhai Culture and Tourism Week during the national holiday, Yu and Qiang cultural folklore performance of Beichuan Qiang City Scenic Spot, Wenchang Temple Fair of Qiqu Mountain, Zitong County, the Cartoon and Animation Festival of Chinese Style held by Yuewanglou Scenic Spot of Youxian District, the First City Flower (Chinese rose) Cultural Tourism Festival held by Donglin Muge World Chinese rose Expo Park, the activity named “To Get a Taste of the Golden Time” held by Oriental Fairy Town, the activity named “149 Jungle Electronic Music Season 5” held by Helin Oasis, the Romantic Snow Festival and Jackstraw Dinosaur Carnival held by Santai County Carnival Town, the first large-scale lantern festival with the theme “The Season of Harvest” held by Shengshi Cherry Blossom Valley. In addition, various rural tourist attractions rolled out special tourism activities such as appreciating flowers, picking, fishing and cultural performances, food festivals and other distinctive tourist activities, attracting a large number of tourists.

During the national holiday of the Golden Week, many places of Mianyang turned cool, and hot springs and hiking remained the main contents of the leisure vacation. Various theme activities, rolled out by the Xianhai Tourism Resort featuring sightseeing and lake tour, the Yuewanglou Scenic Spot that overlooks the city scenery, the Jiuhuang Mountain Scenic Spot that shows the Qiang culture, and the Qiqu Mountain Scenic Spot that displays the Wenchang folk culture, attracted a large number of self-driving tourists from Mianyang and other places. From the summary of the tourism markets of different places, the self-driving tourists were mainly from Chengdu, Chongqing, Nanchong, Deyang and other places around Mianyang. As the main driving force, self-driving tour has dominated the tourism market of Mianyang.

With the continuous deepening of the rule of law, tourism enterprises have been more aware of honest management and tourists more aware of protecting their rights in a rational way. The concept of civilized tourism has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. During the Golden Week, various places of Mianyang have continued to crack down on gangsters and bring civilized tourism intoscenic spots. Various major scenic spots hoisted slogans such as “To Crack Down on Gangsters and Be a Civilized Tourist”, established volunteer service posts, and added signs which publicized civilized tourism, integrity and politeness. They also arranged civilized counselors and volunteers to serve enthusiastically. Tourism departments of each county and urban area also worked together with scenic spots to jointly conduct on-site consultation, set up publicity exhibition areas, make publicity exhibition boards, hoist publicity banners, post brochures publicizing honest management, and distribute papers advocating civilized tourism, in a bid to guide tourists to be civilized and rational consumers. With all of these efforts, the uncivilized behaviors of tourists in scenic spots have been greatly reduced, and civilized tourism has become a common practice.

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