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Scenic Spots in Mianyang Attract 770,000 Tourists, and 226.51 Million Yuan of Revenue During the Mid-Autumn Festival Vacation

2018-09-30 00:00
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During the Festival, the Salang Carnival at the Nine-Emperor Hill in Beichuan Attracts Many Tourists 

(photoed by Yang Jinsong)

(Mianyang News) (Reporter: Li Chunmei) On Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, suburban rural tourism and fruits-picking experience tour were very hot. On September 24, the City Tourism Development Commission issued the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday travel report data. According to the statistics, the city received 771,000 visitors during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday and achieved about 226.52 tourism revenue, of which the city's 11 key monitoring major scenic spots, rural tourism belt and leisure resorts attracted 263,100 tourists and the tourist income was 49.6359 million yuan.

The Mid-Autumn Festival happened to meet the first “Chinese Peasants’ Harvest Festival”. There were colorful tourism festivals among the city, counties and urban areas. Among them, fruits-picking and parent-child experience tours are favored by tourists. A lot of rich and colorful activities were held, for example, Cherry Blossom Valley in Santai held the first “welcoming the Mid-Autumn Festival, celebrating the National Day and the Harvest Festival”; a sea of visitors came to pray for good luck at Qiqu Mountain Scenic Spot in Zitong; “Climbing the Building to Appreciate the Artificial Moon” was held in Yue Wang Lou Scenic Spot; “Parents and Children Activity for Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival” was held in Xianshan Botanical Garden; grape picking in Runqinchun Ecological Garden and self-driving in Helin Oasis etc. Besides, Qiangwang City in Anzhou, Honghuayuan Scenic Spot were so crowded that even a table or a room was difficult to book. Beichuan Jiuhuangshan Qiang marriage exhibition and interaction, “Journey to Li Bai's hometown” held by overseas students in China also attracted a large number of tourists from inside and outside the province.

Travel modes tend to be diversified and suburban self-driving tours dominate. With the improvement of residents' living quality, the continuous improvement of traffic conditions and the increasing popularity of private cars and self-driving and self-help travel have become a fashion. The tourism market of the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday shows the characteristics that local tourists dominated with less group travel. Many tourists choose to travel to the suburbs in the form of family self-driving, return to nature to relax themselves, to savor the rural special food and to enjoy the relaxing time in the hot spring.

The tourism market is in good order. With the deepening of the work of “Standardize the tourism market in accordance with the law”, tourism enterprises have been operating in good faith, tourists have been advocating civilized travel and the concept of civilized tourism has been deeply rooted in our hearts. Voluntary service posts have been set up in major scenic spots. Propaganda signs about civilized tourism and ethical rites have been added. What’s more, civilized persuaders and volunteers are there to provide warm service.

The tourism departments of each county and urban area jointly carry out on-site consultation and set up publicity exhibition areas. They make publicity exhibition boards, hang publicity banners and post honest management posters. They also distribute civilized tourism plain paper and guide tourists to civilized tourism and rational consumption. Tourists' uncivilized behaviors in scenic spots have been greatly reduced and civilized tourism has gradually formed.

During the holiday, the city answered 20 tourist advisory telephone calls and one complaint from tourists. All of the problems were properly solved. The city's tourism market is in good order and there are no responsible complaints and travel safety incidents.

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