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Experiencing "Intelligent Tourism", the New Technology of Tourism will Shine on the Science EXPO

2018-09-07 00:00
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Look! How Cute the New Tourism Technology Is!

Intelligent Robot for Tourism (see Picture)

(Mianyang News) (Reported and edited by Li Chunmei, photoed by Pu Tao) "Here we are in the Banbian Street, which preserves the architectural style of the Republic of China." On September 1, Mr. Li and his family from Deyang, were visiting the Xunlongshan scenic spot in Beichuan. The pink cards―named Wisdom Traveler hanging around their necks, were explaining in real time as their tour routes changed. Thus, his family experienced the fun of “Intelligent Tourism”. This compact and fashionable “intimate guide” is just one of the demonstrations among the applications of new tourism technology in this scenic spot. In addition, four new technology projects, such as Beidou system application, big data and cloud computing, robot technology application, and Internet of Things technology application, have been put into practice in the scenic spot, and applied to the management and the needs of tourists in the scenic area. Through the early implementation of the project, the scenic area has established a safe, intelligent, standardized, efficient and economic management and operation system, so that tourists can fully enjoy the convenience and safety of tourism pleasure brought by modern science and technology. At the same time, the establishment of tourism resources information sharing, exchange, interactive system, has effectively reducedthe cost for tourism resources management.

On September 5, themed with New Technologies, New Kinetic Energy and New Tourism, the Second Sichuan Provincial Conference on the Application of New Technologies in Tourism was held. It was one day before the inauguration of Sci-tech Expo. Since then, more and more new tourism technologies will be applied to scenic spots, hotels and other tourism industries in Mianyang. Intelligent tourism will accompany us every moment of our future journey, providing us faster and more convenient services. During the Science Expo, the NO. D exhibition hall of the High-tech Industry Museum of the Expo has been set as the new tourism technology exhibition area, where the application of intelligent robots, GIS, biodegradable materials and other new technologies in the tourism industry will be presented one by one. Therefore, exhibitors and tourists can experience more changes for the tourism industry brought about by new technologies.

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