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Mianyang Launches Special Rectifications of the Tourism Market Order

2018-07-10 11:48
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To Regulatethe Summer Holiday Tours

(Reporter: Sun Hong, Li Chunmei) The reporters recently learned from the Municipal Tourism Development Commission that in order to regulate the market order of the summer holiday tours, Mianyang has concentrated on six aspects to launch special rectifications of the tourism market order.

The main task of these special rectifications was to investigate and punish the illegal activities which lured tourists with unreasonable low prices, arranged for shopping or other paid items to get rebates, and violated the legitimate rights and interests of tourists in other forms. The key solutions included rectifying such severe problems as zero and negative tour expense, the buying and selling of tour groups, forced shopping, induced consumption, false advertising, contract fraud, over-range operations, contracting, unlicensed cars and tour guides.

1. Launched the special campaign against unreasonably low-priced tours. Mianyang have timely discovered and disposed problems of some badly-corrupted areas and enterprises. They have released information and notices which remind tourists of the unreasonably low-priced tours and guided them to sign standardized travel contract. They have also made greater efforts to disclose the typical illegal cases, and increased the deterrence of law by teaching of cases.

2. Launched the special campaign against forced consumption. Relevant departments of Mianyang have seriously investigated tourist shopping places suspected of forced consumption. The alleged tourist shopping places have been required to compensate or refund, and they have been handed over to relevant departments for committing the crime of commercial bribery.

3. Launched the special campaign against illegal operation of travel agency businesses. The Ministry of Public Security, the Administration of Industry and Commerce, the Office of Cyberspace Affairs Commission, and the Administration of Food and Drugs have made joint efforts to crack down on the illegal behaviors of non-tourism companies and individuals which pedaled tourist routes or products via outdoor clubs, Wechat public accounts and other forms.The organizations specializing in health care products and insurance products have been particularly punished for they pedaled the unreasonably low-priced tours .

4. Launched joint rectification of the tourist passenger transport market. Relevant departments have checked whether tourist buses owned road transport license and chartered passenger route license, or whether the driver had a qualification certificate.They have also checked whether the tour group was organized by an illegal travel agency, and whether the travel agency signed a vehicle lease contract with travel passenger transport company as required.

5. Launched joint rectification of travel agencies. Relevant departments have strictly investigated such behaviors as contracting and over-range operations. They have strictly investigated the behavior that travel agencies started businesses without sufficient licenses. They have also strictly investigated the behavior that travel agencies did not sign contracts or signed false contracts with tourists.

6. Launched joint rectification of field trips. The Administration of Industry and Commerce and the Department of Education have checked the qualifications of the sponsors, the organizers and suppliers of field trips, and the basic requirements of the service providers, field trip products, safety management, and staffing.

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