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Mianyang’s Eight Tourism Activities Bring Economic Benefits to the Cool Places

2018-06-29 00:00
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Mianyang entered its high season for tourism with the coming of summer

Eight tourism activities bring economic benefits to the cool places

Family activity: water rafting

The Huya Waterfall in Pingwu County

The sea of bamboos in Beichuan County

As the Dragon Boat Race started on June 17 in Xianhai, Mianyang entered its high season for tourism with the coming of summer. The Mianyang Municipal Commission of Tourism Development focused on the theme of “happy summer in Mianyang”, and launched eight tourism products, including cool retreat, leisure sports, fitness regimes, to name but a few. These summer tourism activities has brought economic benefits to the cool places and attracted tourists within Mianyang and from other provinces to enjoy the summertime.

Tourists can enjoy the view of flowers in the spring time and trees in autumn. They can also have a summer retreat in summertime and experience the snowfall in winter time. Sightseeing in Mianyang attracts tourists in all four seasons. In summer this year, Mianyang highlights the slogan of “cool summer holiday in Mianyang”, and launches a series of cool summer holiday activities, such as cool retreat, leisure activities in the hometown of the poet Li Bai, fitness regimes, pilgrimage trips, countryside sightseeing, family trips, fruits picking and water rafting. Tourists can enjoy the passion of the summertime, the resilience of creatures, the beautiful natural scenery, the harmonious cultural environment and the unique folk customs after experiencing thesedistinct activities.

This year, Mianyang launched more than 100 summertime tourism products. With unique geographic environment and climate advantages, Pingwu County and Beichuan County have attracted many tourists. For example, the Wanglang tourist destinations marketed its tourism products with the slogan of “a place without summer”, which sounds attractive to tourists. Tourist destinations in Anzhou, Zitong and Youxian, with its own unique tourism resources, rolled out family fruit picking trips, family rafting tripsand blessing and prayers activities for students. The most exciting thing for tourists this year is that all these tourist destinations provide distinctive accommodation facilities, such as tent camping, the B & B,inns, to name but a few. They have provided different travel experience for tourists.

An official from the Municipal Commission of Tourism Development said that Mianyang has introduced summer camps, the music festival, the beer festival, the conferences on health, camping, water rafting, folklore and cultural exhibitions, and other distinctive activities from the mid of June to the end of the summer holiday. Mianyang hopes these summer tourism activities can promote the development of its tourism industry, and brings benefits to enterprises, the tourism market, citizens and tourists. In addition, italso hopes they can help create more tourism brandsand bring more joy and beautiful memories to citizens of Mianyang and tourists from other places.

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