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The Mayor of Mianyang Investigates the Development of the Tourism Industry of Mianyang

2019-04-11 17:03
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On April 3rd, Yuan Fang, the deputy secretary of Mianyang Municipal Committee and the mayor of Mianyang, went to Anzhou district, Jiangyou, Beichuan Qiang minority autonomous county and other places to investigate the development of tourism industry. He stressed that efforts should be made in strengthening systematic planning, strengthening leading forces and improving the quality of tourism to fully promote the high-quality development of tourism industry, injecting new vitality into the sustainable and healthy development of the economy and society of Mianyang.
Located in Luofushan Mountain, Anzhou district, the Fushengyu resort integrates the functions of conference and exhibition, spa treatment, sports and fitness, etc. It was planned and designed by a famous Dutch design master and won the 2016 world architecture awards in the projects like "hotel and resort" and "architecture and water". After having a detailed understanding of the resort's planning, management and operation, Yuan Fang pointed out that this hot spring is a well-known tourism brand in Anzhou district, so it is necessary to further improve the quality, constantly improve the infrastructure and supporting service facilities, increase the supply of high-quality tourism products, extend the consumption chain of hot spring tourism, and constantly meet the diversified market demand.
"How about the reception capacity and operation of the scenic spot?” In Jiuhuangshan mountain scenic spot in Xiqiang, Yuan Fang inquired in detail about the management and operation of the scenic spot and the supporting services. When he knew that the scenic spot received 775,900 tourists last year and achieved a revenue of 133 million yuan, yuan Fang affirmed it and urged relevant parties to focus on building a tourism brand. They should focus on improving the hardware facilities and service of the scenic spot and continue to improve the quality of the scenic spot and enrich the connotation of the scenic spot, providing tourists with a good place for leisure and vacation with rich cultural atmosphere, diversified business forms and unique projects.
Zhonghua Dongtian scenic spot, mainly including two amusement projects karst cave landscape and the cave drift, is a popular choice for tourists in recent years. After fully understanding of the overall planning and construction and operation of the scenic area, Yuan Fang stressed that it is necessary to give full play to its advantages in resource endowment, deeply connect with hot spots in the tourism market, and accelerate the construction of the second phase project, introducing new highlights, forming new hot spots, and continuously improving the competitiveness in the tourism market.
After learning that Xianhai district planned to introduce investors to build "Wulong cultural tourism creative park" integrating culture, tourism, vacation, medical care and residence, Yuan Fang expressed his approval and stressed that the tourism industry should be the top priority in the development of Xianhai, focusing on attracting a number of major tourism projects, promoting high-quality development of the whole region.
For the next step of the development of the cultural tourism industry, Yuan Fang stressed that the development of the cultural tourism industry was one of the two major projects to be focused on this year as determined by the fourth plenary session of the 11th CPC provincial committee. Relevant departments should further emancipate their minds, deepen their understanding and take innovative measures, playing the unique advantages of abundant human resources, superior location and good ecology.  They should strengthen systematic planning and leading role, highlight project guidance to transform resource advantages into development advantages. It is necessary to conduct in-depth research on the current situation of tourism development in Mianyang, actively learn from the experience of advanced regions, closely combine the actual situation in Mianyang, and optimize and improve the tourism development planning, promoting the development of tourism in the whole region with a long-term and overall consideration. Adhering to the market orientation and resource integration, they should give prominence to the main body of enterprises, actively support local tourism enterprises to join forces and grow bigger and stronger, and foster and introduce a number of powerful and well-managed comprehensive tourism groups. Meanwhile, they should develop a number of new high-quality tourism projects with high resource quality, large investment and strong driving effect, vigorously transform and upgrade traditional and classic tourism projects, give full play to the leading projects' role in driving the rapid optimization and upgrading of tourism in Mianyang. Finally, they need to give overall consideration to such elements of tourism as food, housing, transportation, traveling, shopping and entertainment, and further strengthen infrastructure construction with emphasis on road transportation, providing a strong foundation for accelerating the high-quality development of the tourism industry.
During the research, Yuan Fang also inspected the tourism safety on the spot and stressed the need to further implement the responsibility, to strengthen the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers and the management, to improve the emergency mechanism, to enhance the ability of tourism safety guarantee, and to strictly prevent all kinds of tourism safety accidents, ensuring the safety of the life and property of tourists.
Vice mayor of Mianyang, Luo Meng and Secretary General of Mianyang municipal government, Wu Mingyu participated in the research.
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