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“Searching for the Most Beautiful Scenic Spot in Mianyang in 2019”Large-Scale Publicity Campaign Was Launched

2019-03-22 10:01
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On February 25, the large-scale publicity campaign "Searching for the Most Beautiful Scenic Spot in Mianyang in 2019" was officially launched. Zhong Siliang, Deputy Executive Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Committee, Dai hong, Director of the Municipal Culture and Broadcast Travel Bureau, and He Xiaotao, Director of the Municipal Broadcasting and TV Station, attended the opening ceremony,  and in which the meeting convey and implement the relevant arrangements of the local Department of Culture and Tourism, and to refine the implementation.

According to the meeting, in the first half of 2019, Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and Sichuan Provincial Government will hold the first cultural tourism development conference in Sichuan, in which will issue a series of new policies and measures to promote the deep integration of culture and tourism, and accelerate the construction of a strong cultural tourism province. Mianyang Municipality should seize the opportunity, manifest the pilot spirit, follow the trend of deep integration of cultural tourism, promote the reloading of cultural tourism industry, accelerate the enrichment of the supply of cultural tourism products, enhance the development capacity of cultural tourism industry, and explore a new path of cultural tourism integration development.

The meeting called for a large-scale publicity campaign "Searching for Mianyang's Most Beautiful Scenic Spot in 2019" to vigorously promote Mianyang's high-quality cultural resources, enhance Mianyang's popularity and renew Mianyang's cultural tourism name cards. (1) Uniting forces of provinces and cities. Actively docking with Sichuan Province's "Tianfu Spring Dawn Cultural Tourism Season" activities, giving full play to advantages of the integration between the Mianyangs Broadcasting and TV Station and the media, promoting the impact of Mianyang's publicity activities to the whole province through the overall linkage of provinces and cities, strengthening the coordination and interaction between cities and counties, and enhancing the publicity influence of "Searching for the Most Beautiful Scenic Spots in Mianyang in 2019". (2) Creating initiative ideas to increase efficiency. Activity organizations should have "de-administration", reduce intervention of the relevant department, we  should pay more attention to public praise and tourist experience, transmit positive energy, and avoid excessive commercialization and entertainment. At the same time, we should dare to expose problems, receive public feedback timely, urge rectification and implementation, and promote the operation of scenic spots and service quality and efficiency. (3) Fostering fair and square brand awareness. Making good use of the crucial approaches such as publicity strategies, tourists feedbacks, public selections and marketing promotion, taking the opportunity of selection and recommendation, we will lead the scenic spots to continue to exert their efforts in cultural and tourism integration, rule of law, construction of project, marketing, industry management, public service, personnel training, and other aspects. We will launch more excellent cultural tourism projects to promote the overall upgrade of Mianyang's cultural and tourism situation and build a better one. And eventually make Mianyang a marvelous tourist destinations with fascinating charms .

The heads of the Publicity Department of the CPC Municipal (county and district) Committee departments and the Director of the Municipal Culture and Broadcast Travel Bureau presented in the meeting.

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