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Mianyang Cultural and Tourism Development Conference: Integration of Literature and Tourism, Towards Poetry and Distance

2019-09-04 22:48
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"During the day, I play in Lele Water World; at night, I drink with my friends at Sanjiang Wharf." Unlike previous choices of traveling abroad, Zhou Xiaoli, a Mianyang University student, chose to stay in Mianyang for a leisurely vacation this summer.

Coincidentally, Gong Li, a citizen, also took friends from other places to visit Dou Mei Mountain and Wanglang Baima Scenic Area. The "changing and comfortable" travel arrangement made everyone have much enjoyment.

Everyone dreams of poetry and distance.

Accurately docking with the provincial Party committee's decision-making plan of "speeding up the construction of a strong tourism province and an important tourism destination in the world" and "vigorously developing red tourism", Mianyang seizes the opportunity of integration of culture and tourism with unprecedented courage and speed, redesigns cities and villages, and speeds up the march towards a strong cultural and tourism city in the west.

How much energy can a landscape release? The data give the answer: from January to July, Mianyang's tourism revenue reached 38.562 billion yuan, an increase of 8.3% over the same period of last year.

The "family property" is rich, so we can dig deep into the resources of cultural tourism.

Mianyang is rich in culture and tourism resources. As China’s Science and Technology City and Li Bai's hometown, Mianyang has attracted worldwide attention.

If you look down at Mianyang from the air, Pingwu Wanglang is covered with white snow and picturesque scenery. Qiang Wang's bamboo flocks are dancing and the branches are swinging. Magical green halo is emitted everywhere. A beautiful picture of mountains and rivers emerged.

Mianyang's landscape beauty varies from season to season - in spring, Magnolia blossoms are brilliant; in summer, a thousand mu bamboo sea surges with the wind; in autumn, there are red leaves everywhere; in winter, you can soak in hot springs and experience the beauty of "ice and fire poles".

Visiting Mianzhou, a red homeland: in Zitong’s Liangdancheng, slogans and old photographs, well-preserved auditorium, General Building, Deng Jiaxian's former residence and the site of war readiness air shelter have come into view one after another, which add a bit of heavy feeling to the red years full of "smoke of war".

If you savor it carefully, there are rich cultures here: Li Bai, the immortal poet, Yuzu, the mother of China, Dayu flood control, Ouyang Xiu’s birthplace, and other cultural IP make the historical and cultural celebrities "live up". Three kingdoms culture, Shu culture, silk culture, three-line culture and thanksgiving culture formed by the spirit of earthquake relief have their own characteristics. The Tibetan and Qiang cultures in ancient times shine brilliantly here...

This is the corner of Mianyang's solid cultural tourism "family property", and it is also a few of the charming long volumes of Mianyang.

Mianyang is not satisfied with its abundant "family property", and constantly promotes the upgrading and extension of development, improves supporting facilities, enhances participation, popularization of science, education and experience, so that tourists can feel the charm of cultural tourism on the spot.

The responsible person of Mianyang Cultural Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau said that after years of efforts, Mianyang has transformed many cultural tourism resources into cultural tourism products, and a large number of cultural tourism projects have become a strong support for the sustained and rapid growth of Mianyang's cultural tourism economy in recent years.

Grasp Opportunities and Strengthen the Foundation for the Development of Cultural Tourism

The unique resource advantages, good integration situation and the vigorous trend of cultural tourism consumption upgrading give Mianyang cultural tourism a new development opportunity.

On January 18 this year, Mianyang Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism officially listed, and "Poetry and Distance" officially joined hands. Under the development trend of the whole country and the whole province, Mianyang's cultural and tourism integration is magnificent.

How does tourism contribute to the cultural development? How does Mianyang, which has rich resources of both culture and tourism, integrate development from physical aggregation to chemical reaction?

The person in charge introduced that Mianyang has taken great strides to set an example and speed up the construction of a cultural tourism integration development pattern that is compatible with the regional development strategy of "one core, two wings and three districts cooperation" .

The development of ideas and patterns brings about a vast "rise of integration of culture and tourism".——

Our city has compiled the city's cultural tourism integration development plan, and initiated the preliminary investigation of the "14th Five-Year Plan" for the development of cultural tourism industry. The policy measures with high gold content and the perfect management system directly point to the "target" of the integration and development of cultural tourism.

In addition, we continue to build a new pattern of cultural tourism economic development, building three major high-quality tourism routes: to build "Li Bai's hometown·Chinese poetry" cultural tourism brand as the goal to build Li Bai cultural tourism high-quality routes; to build "Baima Xiqiang·National Customs" cultural tourism brand as the goal to build Baima Xiqiang cultural tourism line; to build "Three-line Memory · Revolutionary Passion" cultural tourism brand as the goal to build "three-line memory" cultural tourism quality routes.

Nowadays, looking at Mianyang, a number of "leading" industrial projects such as Li Bai Cultural Industrial Park, Damei Qiang City-Pan American Aviation Science and Technology City, Louvre Mountain Hot Spring Kangyang Town, Yuzu Mausoleum Scenic Area have risen strongly, and the cultural tourism industry is becoming a powerful pillar of Mianyang's high-quality development.

Integration of culture and tourism creates a beautiful scenery of high-quality development.

The Fifth Plenary Session of the Seventh Session of the Municipal Committee clearly pointed out that we should firmly promote high-quality economic development. Our city accelerates the transformation and upgrading of cultural tourism industry in the economic development, and releases the tourism dividend to the full, which fits this idea.

 In early autumn, the breeze touches the face. In the small Zen Tea Town in Baozi Village, Douchao Town, Pingwu, there is a unique charm of the Qiang culture and the Zen tea culture. In the square, we can enjoy a full national charm of literary and artistic performances and Zen tea performances; in the tea-scented Qiang-style tea garden, we can experience the tea-picking and tea-making process from planting to processing, and appreciate Zen tea culture... From a tender green leaf bud to a piece of tea in the tourists'cup, there is a fusion of culture and tourism everywhere. Today, the annual output of tea is more than 2400 tons.

Let's take a look at Jiangyou again. It has the most centralized, functional and large-scale Li Bai Memorial Hall in the whole country. The national 4A-level Li Bai Hometown Scenic Spot integrates culture and tourism. The village clubs, roads, schools, sports, entertainment and leisure cuisine with the image symbols of "Li Bai" and "Taibai" are everywhere.

The prosperity of one industry leads to the prosperity of all industries. Through the integration of culture and tourism, more regions and people feel the real "dividend" through opening residential accommodation and peddling agricultural products. The natural scenery has really become wealth.——

We created a series of tourism festivals such as "Salaxi" Water-Playing Festival and "Youxian Grape Music Festival" in Guanling, Beichuan through innovation, and gained "wealth". We promoted Qiang embroidery, Qiang tea, Qiang medicine and other ethnic tourism products by tapping the unique national culture, carrying out folk cultural activities such as Qiang Nian and Cao Gai jumping.

Data show that from January to July, Mianyang's tourism revenue reached 38.562 billion yuan, an increase of 8.3% over the same period last year. The number of domestic tourists was 38.4442 million, an increase of 10.7% over the same period last year.

It can be seen that a new era of integration and development of Mianyang culture and tourism has come. The perfect combination of poetry and distance in Mianyang is coming!

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