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Liu Chao: Promote the High-quality Development of State-owned Economy Firmly

2019-09-04 22:59
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Original Title: Liu Chao emphasized at the Symposium on the reform and development of municipal state-owned enterprises that we should unswervingly strengthen and expand the state-owned enterprises, and firmly promote the high-quality development of the municipal state-owned economy.

Yuan Fang and Fu Kang attended the meeting.

On August 30, Liu Chao, Secretary of the Mianyang Municipal Party Committee, chaired a symposium on the reform and development of municipal state-owned enterprises. Liu Chao emphasized that we should study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on the reform and development of state-owned enterprises and the Party Central Committee's "two unshakable" policy. Liu Chao stressed that we should comprehensively implement the relevant decision-making arrangements of the Central and Provincial Party Committees, steadily and pragmatically promote the reform of state-owned enterprises, unswervingly strengthen, excel and expand state-owned enterprises, and firmly promote the high-quality development of the state-owned economy in Mianyang.

Yuan Fang, Vice Secretary of the Mianyang Municipal Committee and Fu Kang, Vice Secretary of the Mianyang Municipal Committee attended the symposium.

After listening carefully to the speeches made by the heads of CHANGHONG ELECTRIC CO., LTD., Jiuzhou Group, MIANYANG INVESTMENT HOLDING (GROUP) Group CO., LTD., MIANYANG SCIENCE and TECHNILOGY CITY DEVELOPMENT INVESTMENT (GROUP) CO., LTD., MIANYANG TRAFFIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP, Mianyang Gas Group, Mianyang Airport Group, Mianyang Bus Group, Mianyang Water Group and other municipal state-owned enterprises, Liu Chao pointed out that the speeches have faced the problems directly, have showed a realistic thinking style, clear thinking, and a strong will to overcome difficulties and showed a firm determination to win. For the specific problems and work suggestions putting forward by enterprises, relevant departments at the municipal level and relevant counties (cities, districts) and parks should seriously study, strengthen and improve relevant work, and firmly promote the reform and development of state-owned enterprises.

Liu Chao pointed out that state-owned enterprises are the important material and political foundation of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the important pillar and relying force of the Party governing and rejuvenating the country. The CPC Central Committee and the Provincial Committee attach great importance to the reform and development of state-owned enterprises. General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on the reform and development of state-owned enterprises, the Party Central Committee's general policies, and deployment of provincial committees have provided us with powerful theoretical weapons and scientific action guides for unswervingly strengthening, optimizing and expanding state-owned enterprises. We should adhere to the unity of learning, thinking, knowledge, belief and practice, accurately grasp its spiritual and core essence, and firmly guide the reform and development of Mianyang state-owned enterprises in the new era.

Liu Chao pointed out that since the founding of New China, Mianyang state-owned enterprises have gone through a road of development from small to large, from low to high, and from weak to strong. State-owned enterprises have made important contributions to Mianyang's reform and development, and have become the "pillar" and "ballast stone" in the economic and social development of Mianyang. They are prominent, important and irreplaceable.

Liu Chao has made a comprehensive and profound analysis on the seven aspects of the development orientation of municipal state-owned enterprises, the reform of mixed ownership, the perfection of market-oriented operation mechanism, the prevention and control of debt risk, the solution of historical problems, the optimization of system and mechanism and the construction of the Party, and put forward the requirements for promoting the reform of state-owned enterprises and the strengthening and enlarging of state-owned enterprises.

Liu Chao stressed that we should accurately grasp the development orientation of state-owned enterprises. Competitive commercial state-owned enterprises should highlight their main industries, promote the concentration of resource elements to main industries, accelerate transformation and upgrading, and constantly improve their core competitiveness and profitability. Commercial functional state-owned enterprises should enhance their financing ability, accelerate market-oriented transformation, better enlarge the functions of state-owned capital, and ensure the construction of government investment projects and the strategic landing of municipal government development. Public welfare state-owned enterprises should adhere to the "people's livelihood orientation", constantly improve the accessibility and fairness of public services, and strive to enhance the people's sense of happiness.

We should vigorously promote the reform of mixed ownership in state-owned enterprises. In accordance with the requirements of improving governance, strengthening incentives, highlighting major industries and improving efficiency, we should promote the reform of mixed ownership in enterprises by layers, classifications and overall planning, encourage the participation of various types of capital, continuously improve the level of asset securitization, focus on improving modern enterprise system, transforming enterprise operating mechanism, and strive to promote the use or integration of other enterprises by state-owned enterprises. The advantages of ownership capital develop and strengthen itself, and strive to promote the influence and driving force of state-owned capital in a larger scope and at a higher level.

We should constantly improve the market-oriented operation mechanism of state-owned enterprises. We will further intensify reform efforts, continue to deepen the reform of the "Three Systems", intensify market-oriented recruitment of managers, improve the incentive and restraint mechanism for employing personnel, effectively mobilize and stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of enterprise staff officers to start their own businesses, and enhance the internal vitality, market competitiveness and development leadership of enterprises.

We should guard against and defuse the debt risk of state-owned enterprises. We should earnestly implement the requirements of the Central Committee, the Sichuan Provincial Committee and the Mianyang Municipal Committee, strictly formulate and implement the annual management and control target of the debt ratio of enterprises, actively digest the stock, strictly control the increment and strictly guard against invisible liabilities, so as to ensure the smooth operation of enterprises. We also need to further strengthen the risk management of enterprises, support enterprises to optimize the quality of assets, and guide enterprises to do a good job in preventing and resolving debt risks.

We should focus on solving the problems left of the state-owned enterprises. We will further strengthen the efforts to solve the problems, strengthen supervision, guidance and support, establish a reasonable cost-sharing mechanism, and solve the problems left over from the history through various channels, so that enterprises can get rid of their burdens and move forward lightly.

We should optimize and improve the supervision system and mechanism of state-owned assets. We will conscientiously enhance the awareness and ability of service enterprises, continue to deepen centralized and unified supervision of municipal state-owned enterprises, establish a more effective supervision system for state-owned assets, accelerate the transformation of the functions of state-owned assets regulatory agencies to "capital management", and resolutely prevent the loss of state-owned assets.

Party building in state-owned enterprises should be strengthened and improved. We will resolutely implement the overall requirements of the state-owned enterprises to adhere to the Party's leadership and strengthen the Party's construction under the new situation, adhere to the Party's need to govern the Party strictly, adhere to the Party's unshakable leadership over state-owned enterprises, adhere to the service of production and operation, insist on the unchangeable role of Party organizations in leading and checking the selection and employment of personnel in state-owned enterprises, insist on building strong grass-roots Party organizations in state-owned enterprises, and provide strong political and organizational guarantees for strengthening, improving and enlarging state-owned enterprises.

City leaders Ma Jun, Zhang Xuemin, Yue Yong, Luo Zongzhi, Liao Xuemei, Secretary-General of the Mianyang Municipal Committee Tan Gang and Wu Mingyu, heads of municipal state-owned enterprises and relevant departments (units), heads of counties (cities, districts) and parks attended the symposium.

Source: Mianyang Daily (Reporter: Li Zhihao, Lai Jie)

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